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Get Healthy San Mateo County’s Accomplishments


The Get Healthy San Mateo County collaborative effort is supported by a small but mighty Health Policy and Planning (HPP) team. The team recently realized that while we enumerate outcomes for our yearly work plan and review key accomplishments and challenges each year, we didn’t have a short list of key accomplishments over the course of the Get Healthy San Mateo County strategic plan that the HPP team was instrumental in achieving. We pulled together this list of top accomplishments to share with the collaborative. Some of the key accomplishments include broadening the definition of health, expanding restorative justice practices, supporting cities to adopt minimum wage policies, and informing funding for safer streets around public schools. The items listed were selected for their high impacts over the course of time, but I’m sure we missed things. Please feel free to share feedback with us. As I, Shireen, get ready to transition out of my role at HPP manager into the Chief Equity Officer position in the County Manager’s Office, I appreciated reflecting on these accomplishments and how relevant they are today for our goal of advancing equity throughout the county. I look forward to working with HPP and all of you in my new role!