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Four Housing-Related Ballot Measures Qualified for November Elections


This November, California voters will get to decide several housing issues at the ballot. Here is a brief summary of them. The Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act aims to augment funding for affordable housing and homeless housing. The Use Millionaire’s Tax Revenue for Homelessness Prevention Housing Bonds Measure (the “Homelessness Bond”) will increase funding for housing the homeless. The Property Tax Transfer Initiative will amend Proposition 13 to allow homebuyers aged 55 and above to transfer their tax breaks to a new property. The Local Rent Control Initiative, which will repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, would enable local jurisdictions to enact rent control laws that will apply to new buildings and eliminate vacancy decontrol. Make sure you study up on the initiatives and vote. Housing is a critical issue in San Mateo County and across the state. Your vote matters, so make sure to vote!