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Ensuring Full Plates for All 


Last month, we presented to the End Hunger Work Group about how we’re participating in federal and state food programs, and factors that impact food insecurity in San Mateo County, such as food access, housing instability, job projections, and cost of living challenges. About 30-40% of San Mateo County residents are food insecure but ineligible for benefits because of the difference in local self-sufficiency measures and the federal poverty line that qualifies people for programs. With the senior population growing in the county, and the current correlations between seniors and food insecurity, it’s likely that we will see an increase in food insecurity in the coming years. The workgroup is currently reviewing local data and key hunger related issues and will then explore action steps that may be effective in reducing food insecurity and hunger in San Mateo County. Check out Get Healthy SMC’s staff perspective for the presentation and more.