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East Palo Alto Leads With Innovative Solutions for Equitable Development


The City of East Palo Alto and the Envision, Transform, Build–East Palo Alto coalition, one of our 2018 Get Healthy SMC grantees, set a national precedent last year with the passage of the first commercial parcel tax for large businesses. This tax will fund affordable housing and job training opportunities for local residents. In April, YUCA and El Comite de Vecinos, members of ETB-EPA, gathered 35 community residents to continue to explore additional solutions to capture the value of this massive wave of commercial development to maximize community benefits, mitigate displacement and advance healthy communities. There will be more community meetings to share your ideas so stay tuned! And even if you don’t live in East Palo Alto, you can still share the Land Value Capture toolkit with your decision makers to explore ways your community can maximize community benefits.