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Daly City Creative Healing and Empowerment Program Proposed


Community Collaborative for Children’s Success (CCCS) partners in Daly City came together to develop a concept to provide healing, community building and empowerment in creative ways for the Woodrow Wilson Elementary School community and surrounding neighborhood. The CCCS Action Planning effort highlighted the challenges with community engagement in Daly City given the number of jobs many families are working and the diversity of the population. The work ethic, commitment to family and cultural diversity are in-fact some of the great assets of the community but can come in the way of having time and connections to build a strong community. To manifest the priorities of the Daly City Action Plan, core local partners identified a need to bring diverse communities together, build social connections and engage civically to voice their needs and aspirations. Daly City Partnership, Youth Leadership Institute, Faith in Action, Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, and County Health came together to submit a proposal to a national funder focused on increasing creative capacity to shape healthier neighborhoods. We engaged regional partners, Urban Habitat, San Francisco State University and Berkeley Media Studies in the project plan. We’ll keep you posted on next steps in the Spring.