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Creating Safer Streets Near Schools
Prioritizing Health in Transportation (2018)


Traffic collisions are a public health priority given the related injuries and fatalities that follow, particularly impacting the most vulnerable road users: people walking and biking. Nearly 50% of students who live within a quarter-mile of their schools walk and bike to campus. One in four people walking or biking involved in a collision was under the age of 18. Get Healthy SMC analyzed collisions within a quarter mile of public elementary schools, taking a particular look at high poverty areas which experience elevated health inequities. We prioritized 15 priority schools for improved safety. These schools accounted for nearly 30% of all collisions involving someone walking or biking, even though they account for less than 10% of all public elementary schools in the county. If we can support our most vulnerable kids to walk or bike to school safely, we can prevent disease and build a culture of health for everyone in our county.

Read the full report here.


NOTE: As of July 2021, the list of 15 priority schools from this report has been updated to reflect the permanent closure of 4 schools.

  1. Belle Haven Elementary
  2. Costaño Elementary
  3. College Park Elementary
  4. Los Cerritos Elementary
  5. Woodrow Wilson Elementary
  6. Westlake Elementary
  7. Bayshore Elementary
  8. North Star Academy
  9. Hoover
  10. Taft Elementary
  11. Orion Alternative Elementary

Schools permanently closed:

  • Brentwood and Green Oaks from Ravenswood City School District
  • Hawes and Fair Oaks from Redwood City Elementary School District