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Creating Entrepreneurship Pathways for Opportunity Youth


Supporting young people struggling to participate in our booming economy is key to the County’s future and health. The Bay Area’s new Equity Atlas (discussed in the Healthy Neighborhoods Section) includes data on disconnected youth, which is the proportion of 16-24 year olds who are not working or in school, and finds that higher shares of San Mateo County’s Latinx young people face barriers to participating in the economy. A recent paper from the Aspen Institute explores how intentional entrepreneurship programs can build wealth and economic self-determination for disconnected and system-involved youth. San Mateo County’s Community Collaborative for Children’s Success also identified entrepreneurship as a strategy for addressing issues identified in the recent community planning processes. Get Healthy San Mateo County is also working with Renaissance Mid-Peninsula to expand entrepreneurship support for young people through its Healthy Entrepreneur Ecosystem project