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COVID-19 Safe Schools Framework Replaces Pandemic Recovery Framework


The San Mateo County Office of Education, in partnership with San Mateo County Health, has updated their school guidance, COVID-19 Safe Schools Framework (CSSF) where they detail the most up-to-date school guidance in reference to COVID-19. The document replaces the Pandemic Recovery Framework. We highly encourage schools to have proper ventilation systems in place as this can help to reduce the number of virus-carrying particles indoors. If you are seeking funds for this be sure to check out the CalSHAPE Ventilation Program. Routine cleaning and disinfection of classroom settings is always good and will help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases. Lastly, please continue reporting of cases to the appropriate channels – School and Shared Portal for Outbreak Tracking (SPOT) for local health jurisdiction reporting and Primary Health if you receive tests from the State program.