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Community Collaboration for Children’s Success Has Launched


The CCCS project is a community planning effort working with young people and their families to identify assets, barriers to success and potential interventions to help bolster youth success in targeted neighborhoods in the county. Two factors were used to identify areas for community planning: a Youth Need Index, shown in the map above in red, and a Youth Planning Readiness Index, shown in blue. The colors are darker in higher scoring areas, and areas with high scores for both are shown in purple. These areas in South San Francisco, North Fair Oaks, East Palo Alto and Daly City, will be the site of the CCCS project.
The project has launched! Our planning partners, Raimi and Associates, are working closely with county project staff to develop a strong plan of action. A Countywide Steering Committee is being assembled to help advise and guide the project with expertise on countywide challenges and opportunities, especially within the agencies and systems set up to support youth. Invitations have been sent and we look forward to convening this group for the first time in April.
We have also engaged San Francisco State University’s Health Equity Institute (HEI) as an evaluator for the project. HEI brings a strong background in trauma-informed planning, equity and technical evaluation expertise. HIE will track the project as it unfolds to integrate the learnings of the process in real time so we improve every step of the way. HEI will also help review the project as a whole to determine how it is performing relative to its goals.
Finally, we will be unveiling a website for the project in the next few weeks! The site will provide project updates, background, and data for the CCCS project. Stay tuned!
Questions? Contact Maeve Johnston at