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Cities Make Progress on Affordable Housing and Renters’ Protections 


Redwood City leadership recently voted in two renter protection policies in an effort to provide housing stability for residents living in multi-unit complexes. Moving forward, renters in multi-family units will have the option of a minimum one-year lease. Furthermore, the city’s most vulnerable renters will be provided relocation support in the event that their landlord wants to renovate the unit. The City of San Mateo 2018 council’s priorities include studying an increase in inclusionary housing requirement on residential developments from 15% to 20% and strengthening renters’ protections when a dwelling is declared substandard. The potential increase in below-market rate units’ requirements could help the city get closer to its regional housing needs allocations (RHNA) for low- and very-low income housing. The city will have to issue 1,253 permits for low- and very-low income units in the next five years to meet its RHNA numbers. The council will also consider a relocation assistance ordinance that may mirror the recently adopted redtag ordinance by San Mateo County that requires landlords to pay relocation assistance to tenants displaced due to code enforcement activities. The adopted ordinances by Redwood City and the City of San Mateo’ priorities are steps forward towards housing stability and supporting healthy communities.