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CCCS Schools Get Pro-Social Skills   


Martin Elementary in South San Francisco and Woodrow Wilson Elementary in Daly City are two sites for the evidence-based Teaching Pro-social Skills (TPSS) Program that our Human Resources Agency and Behavioral Health and Recovery Services are supporting to address prioritized needs in the CCCS Action Plans: providing mental/behavioral health supports at schools for students, providing social-emotional learning opportunities, improving school climate, and helping keep students in the classroom.  Teaching Pro-Social Skills (TPSS) is a ten-week program that uses “Skillstreaming”, an evidence-based, social skills training program designed to improve students’ behaviors, replacing less productive ones. The purpose of TPSS is to help elementary school children (K-4) learn pro-social skills in order to improve their social and behavioral functioning in school. Brentwood Elementary in East Palo Alto is getting ready to receive the program as well. Thanks to Natasha Bourbonnais at HSA for championing this program and to the Community Workers that have been co-facilitating the program – David Maldonado, Kenny Woo and Sandra Flores!