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CCCS Prioritizing Strategies to Advance Racial Justice


CCCS is focused on advancing racial equity. All four CCCS communities identified the advancement of racial equity as one of their top four goals for children’s success. Our communities are more activated now than ever before to manifest that goal as our country contends with some of its ugliest racial injustices. The CCCS partners developed a list of ideas for how to meet the moment –ranging from resolutions codifying commitments to racial justice, community conversations on race, to police reform policies. We are now collecting feedback to which of the ideas to focus our collective work on. If you have any input on the top priorities, use the following survey to respond by no later than Friday 7/3. Or email us if you want to get engaged in a workgroup to advance the priorities: Shireen Malekafzali,, and Sharon Calaunan, Our children cannot be successful with all the racial injustices they face.