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CCCS To Advise PACE Youth Program


The City of Redwood City has partnered with Redwood City Together and Redwood City Police Activities League to develop a new pilot program for transition age youth. The Purposeful Action Creation and Engagement (PACE) Program aims to foster positive relationships between community leaders, law enforcement, and the Bike Life movement youth in Redwood City and North Fair Oaks. Youth will have opportunities to shape the programming and share their experiences through storytelling. The development of PACE builds on community input from the City’s 2022 People’s Budget and the Redwood City/North Fair Oaks CCCS Neighborhood Action Plan. CCCS Neighborhood Action Team members will serve as advisors to this initiative. 

To read more about the origins of the PACE program, see the initial press release from the City of Redwood City:
(Note that the program title has changed from ACE to PACE since Sept. 2022.)