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California Schools Continue to Be Underfunded


Children Now recently released the research brief, “Not Enough Adults to Go Around: Underfunded California Schools Provide Less Support for Kids”, highlighting the impacts of chronic underfunding for California schools. The report compares three schools in California, New Jersey, and Illinois with similar demographic populations, yet dramatically different funding amounts. The differences in funding translates to significant differences in the student:teacher ratio, extracurricular programs, and credentialed support staff, such as counselors and librarians. The report highlights that California schools will continue to need increased per pupil funding to ensure that all students are able to get the necessary support to succeed in school. Municipalities across California are addressing the issue of underfunding by asking local voters to pass parcel tax measures provide crucial funding for schools. This past November a parcel tax for schools was narrowly defeated in Redwood City and a separate parcel tax was passed in Half Moon Bay.