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2016 Funding Goals


Last year, Get Healthy San Mateo County hosted visioning workshops to gather feedback on what makes a healthy, equitable community. Remarkably, while the participants were diverse and conversations differed slightly across the five workshops, the vision was nearly identical. Ten key components for creating healthy, equitable communities were identified. 

Based on community-identified priorities, focus groups and surveys, our 2016 Community Implementation Funding goal is to support efforts that prioritize health and equity by improving conditions for populations with limited opportunities to be healthy through:

Healthy Housing: Stable, affordable housing protects health and provides the ability to engage in healthy opportunities

Healthy Neighborhoods: Complete neighborhoods make it easy for residents to be healthy every day in their communities by making the healthy choice, the easy choice

Healthy Schools: High-quality education creates pathways to better health

Healthy Economy: A strong local economy builds household financial security for all and promotes everyone’s health