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1 in 4 at Risk for Hunger


A recent study by the Second Harvest Food Bank, which serves Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, shows that as many as one in four people are at risk for going hungry. This report highlights the fact that geographic access to healthy food is only part of the problem. Economic access is key – you have to be able to afford the food near you. While we have seen unemployment rates drop, the extreme wealth is being accumulated by a small minority of people which has contributed to the economic disparities in the region. Based on the results of the study, nearly 720,000 are at risk for hunger, yet the Second Harvest Food Bank serves only 257,000 people per month. That leaves nearly 450,000 people that could be served but are not. San Mateo County’s End Hunger Workgroup, which Get Healthy SMC is part of, is working to ensure that the various food programs that are available to residents are better utilized.