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How to Apply
Applications must be submitted by September 21, 2016 before 5:00 p.m.


All applications must be submitted via the new online application system. The system allows you to create a login to save your application. 

  1. Request your login
    Create your personal login to access the online application in a timely manner. We recommend not leaving this action to the last few days before the application is due. Request your login here.
  2. Review the 2017 RFP 
    We encourage you to download the RFP and Funding Application before starting the online application in order to get a better idea of all the information required to successfully complete the application. Be sure to also check out the Community Implementation Funding FAQs.
  3. Work on your application online
    Once you have a login, you can access the online application with your user name and password to save your work. 

    You can also complete and save information for your funding application in the Funding Application Word document and then simply cut and paste information from the Word document into the online application. 
  4. Apply by 5pm on September 21!
    Be sure to check your email confirming receipt of your application after you hit submit. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact us at (650) 573-2462 to ensure your application was received.

If you have questions about the online submission process or are experiencing problems, please contact Rosa Torpis at or (650) 573-2462. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please remember the online application will close immediately at 5:00pm on September 21, 2016. You will need to press submit prior to 5:00pm.