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Producing, Distributing, and Consuming Healthy Local Food
Ingredients for a Sustainable Food System

General information

Why Does a Sustainable Food System Matter?

Healthy, Local Food: Ingredients for a Sustainable Food System describes the food system policies that contribute to a healthy and sustainable San Mateo County.

In 2009, San Mateo County’s agricultural production and local seafood harvest was worth $153 million. The actual impact of food production on the local economy is estimated to be much higher, at $535 million, due to a multiplier effect. Most of this food is not available to our residents. It is processed and sold outside of San Mateo County, which reduces local access to fresh and healthy roods, increases our carbon footprint and takes valuable dollars out of our community.

Learn more about our local food system and how cities and residents can help build a healthier and more localized food system. Check out the  San Mateo County County Food System Alliance's report on growing, selling, and eating healthy local food.