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Partnerships for Health
Case Study: Footsteps Child Care

Case Study

After expanding operations to include a broader, more socioeconomically and ethnically diverse population, Footsteps was simultaneously becoming more aware of the importance of food and exercise to overall health, and on Footsteps’ role in making the healthy choice the easy choice.  

Her research on how to improve the health of her students led her to connect with Get Healthy San Mateo County and eventually to the Bay Area Nutrition and Physical Activity Collaborative (BANPAC) to develop a wellness plan for children, families, and staff. She immediately removed juice from students’ after school snacks and set her sights on developing gardens at each site as part of a longer-term wellness strategy.

Karen began the development of gardens at two sites: Nesbit Elementary and Barrett Community Garden.Karen and her team organized multiple workdays with parents throughout the year to facilitate both the initial set up as well as ongoing maintenance, utilizing a combination of garden boxes built by volunteers as well as pre-assembled boxes. Read the full case study here.