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GBI Economic & Housing Opportunities Assessment

GBI Economic & Housing Opportunities Assessment

The Grand Boulevard Initiative put together an initial Economic & Housing Opportunities Assessment in 2010 that looked into potential growth along El Camino Real. They forecasted how jobs and housing would grow along the corridor and discussed what it would take to keep up.Read more here….

The Grand Boulevard Initiative champions projects that make the El Camino corridor more friendly to the people who live and work here. We are making it safer and easier for parents, kids, commuters, homeowners, and local merchants to get around by biking and walking. It should be easier for people to get to and from work – with or without their car – and to live closer to where they work.

By making El Camino Real safer and more walkable, we can make San Mateo County more prosperous and healthy for generations to come. To learn more about the Grand Boulevard Initiative, visit:

The long-term vision for El Camino imagines a street that brings communities together and makes it easy to be healthy. View the Grand Boulevard Initiative vision and principles in the video above.