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Youth Commission: Mentorship Opportunity and Scaling Up Impact


The San Mateo County Youth Commission, a project supported by San Mateo County’s Health Policy and Planning Program and Supervisor Groom’s Office, and facilitated by Youth Leadership Institute, has been busy expanding opportunities for the local youth! On Wednesday, April 18th the Human Rights Committee of the San Mateo County Youth Commission was joined by over 35 women of all ages and backgrounds for an evening filled with networking, mentoring, and community building. Young women were able to connect with adult allies throughout the night and learn from their experiences and share their professional aspirations. The Youth Commission is looking forward to building on the event and continuing to connect and empower young women across the county!

On Saturday, April 28th, the San Mateo County Youth Commission hosted a gathering for youth commissions and councils from Marin, San Francisco, Oakland, and Santa Clara Counties to learn from one another and share their existing initiatives to improve the lives of young people in their communities. The youth realized that they are all working to address important issues in their community, including youth mental health among other things, and that it makes sense for them to align their ongoing efforts to have an impact on state policy. Suggestions to move the statewide work forward included creating platforms for the various commissions to stay connected throughout the year, holding bi-annual and regional trainings, reaching out to engage more youth commissions, and the big dream being to establish a statewide network of youth commissions that could work to address key issues that were identified at the event. The convening included a welcome by SMC Supervisor Carole Groom and a presentation by Rubi Salazar, UCLA Labor Center Immigrant Justice Fellow, on strategies to support immigrant youth and their families.