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Get Healthy San Mateo County Key Priorities
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Announcing our 2018 Get Healthy Community Implementation Funding Recipients 

We’re excited to announce the seven projects selected to receive 2018 Get Healthy San Mateo County Community Implementation Funding to help advance healthy, equitable communities across San Mateo County! Welcome aboard to:

Community Alliance with Family Farmers:  Solving the Bid Dilemma – Innovative Solutions for School Cafeterias to Carry Local Healthy Foods (Healthy Schools and Healthy neighborhoods – Food Access)


Did you know….

“1 out of 4 residents struggle with chronic heart disease. What are the earliest strategies we can adopt that actually prevent the root cause of problems from developing?” says Louise Rogers, Chief of the San Mateo County Health System, in this short video.


Let’s Partner Up!

Places where we live, work, play and go to school profoundly shape our health — and places aren’t created equal. Some are filled with amenities while others lack basic infrastructure. Get Healthy San Mateo County (GHSMC) works with local planners and other city staff, policy-makers, and community leaders to build health into our communities, to make the healthy choice the easy choice for everyone in San Mateo County.  Yet there is still more work to be done! Connect with us and our partners throughout San Mateo County to help build healthy, equitable communities.