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Get Healthy San Mateo County Key Priorities
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Voting is Good for Health!

While voting may not seem like a public health issue, research shows a correlation between voter turnout and positive health outcomes. This means that places with higher rates of voters also have higher rates of positive health outcomes, such as overall improved mental and physical health [1].  Alternatively, places with low voter turnout have higher rates of poor self-reported health, and research shows that there is a connection between reported and actual health outcomes [2]. 


Student Grants Available for EMT Training
Looking for young San Mateo County men of color, ages 18 - 26. Apps due 12/31!

The Emergency Medical Services Corps program of Alameda County is now seeking San Mateo County applicants for its next cohort. The San Mateo County Health is partnering with this nationally-renowned program to train local entry-level emergency medical technicians, remove economic barriers for residents most impacted by health inequities, and increase the diversity of the local medical responder and health workforce. Applications must be submitted by December 31, 2018.