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Get Healthy San Mateo County Key Priorities
Latest Highlights

San Mateo County Health Joined 38 Health Systems to Declare: It is Undeniable, Racism is a Public Health Crisis

County Health is part of the Healthcare Anchor Network (HAN), a national collaboration of leading healthcare systems, which published the “Racism is a Public Health Crisis” statement in which 39 health systems signed on to. HAN’s members employ over half-million employees across 45 states and Washington, DC. and have committed to take concrete action to address the impact of structural racism in our communities.


How Does Civic Engagement Impact Your Health?

Our recent report on Youth Civic Engagement and Health highlights the positive health outcomes that civic engagement has on the health of youth. The more young people engage in civic activities, the higher their social connection and sense of belonging to a community, which ultimately translates into better physical and mental health outcomes. Yet, younger voters vote at much lower rates than older voters. So it is important for all qualified voters to register and cast their vote.