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Earned Income Tax Credits


It is Financial Literacy Month! The Center for Disease Control has identified Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) as a “HI-5” intervention capable of making a significant impact on a community health within five years. These credits provide a tax benefit to low and moderate income workers and are claimed when a worker files their annual tax return. Earned income tax credits not only lift millions of families out of poverty each year, they can also improve health outcomes. Numerous studies have demonstrated earned income tax credits’ positive influence on infant mortality rates, birth weights, and overall maternal health.  

Many San Mateo residents stand to benefit from the federal EITC. According to the US Census’ most recent estimates of annual family incomes, at least 15,000 San Mateo families are potentially eligible for the credit. Despite its many benefits, nearly 25% of eligible Californians do not use the tax credit. Fortunately, numerous organizations throughout San Mateo County provide free tax preparation to help low-income San Mateo residents benefit from the Earned Income Tax Credit.