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Creating Safer Streets Near Schools
Prioritizing Health in Transportation (2018)


Traffic collisions are a public health priority given the related injuries and fatalities that follow, particularly impacting the most vulnerable road users: people walking and biking. Nearly 50% of students who live within a quarter-mile of their schools walk and bike to campus. One in four people walking or biking involved in a collision was under the age of 18. Get Healthy SMC analyzed collisions within a quarter mile of public elementary schools, taking a particular look at high poverty areas which experience elevated health inequities. We prioritized 15 priority schools for improved safety. These schools accounted for nearly 30% of all collisions involving someone walking or biking, even though they account for less than 10% of all public elementary schools in the county. If we can support our most vulnerable kids to walk or bike to school safely, we can prevent disease and build a culture of health for everyone in our county.

Read the full report here.