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The City of San Mateo Crafting a Vision for its Downtown


The City of San Mateo is hosting a series of events to collect input for its Downtown Plan. On March 29, the City of San Mateo hosted its first community workshop to start crafting a vision for its downtown. Over 60 participants provided feedback on how to best accommodate projected population and job growth within the downtown area and make the plan area a more walkable and bike-friendly place. On April 24th, the City hosted its second Taste and Talk Forum focused on how the Downtown Plan can help San Mateo residents sustain or improve their quality of life while adjusting to social and economic changes. On May 2, the City will be hosting another Taste and Talk on Autonomous Cars and their impact on mobility and planning. For more information on the events and other venues to provide input on the Plan, please visit San Mateo Downtown Specific Plan.